Johanna is a self-taught baker; born and raised in Houston, TX, and proudly of Mexican decent. When asked when her love for baking began she said she could not pinpoint the exact moment.  In fact, part of that reason is because she believes it’s in her blood. Her paternal Grandmother is quite the baker; she used to sell pies and other pastries to make extra income as well as treat her children and grandchildren.  As a teen she had limited access to an oven, so she would ask her uncle if she could use his oven in exchange for cakes and cupcakes.  What motivated her to start her business in 2013 was seeing how much her family and friends truly enjoyed her baking.

To this day, she still feels the same enthusiasm and motivation when a customer is delighted with their order.  That is part of the uniqueness that you get with a Sugar Dose cake! The genuine Love, Care, and Gratitude that goes into creating each order and making your day even that much more special!